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If you are a fan of modern burlesque you have come to the right place!
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  Our Retro Videos!
We have strived to maintain the spirit of the 1940's and 1950's burlesque shows through our videos. If you are a fan of the "tease" you'll love these retro style videos!

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Brandi Love - Modern Burlesque

What I love about modern burlesque is it focuses on performance. It's more of a take on striptease than actual strip itself with the emphasis on 'tease' not 'strip'. It is self-expression, satire, parody, sometimes fetish themed, with some ....

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Modern Stag

Perhaps not surprisingly, adult films date back almost as far as when Thomas Edison perfected the movie camera in 1890 As soon as a new medium is created, it isn't long before enterprising individuals develop its use for sensual purposes....

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Girls Night Out

One of the more popular film types of this era were the wrestling films. As the name implies, these shorts featured a pair of scantily clad women engaging in a staged catfight, usually in someone's living room...

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Cheesecake in Paradise

The crew at Retrotica Girls had this day very well planned. There were multiple sets, plenty of food, about 6 new incredible pinup models and too many photographers to count LOL! They just followed me around for....

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Vinatge Pin Up

but I was amazed when I saw what they were able to put together using my photos and some vintage video clips! I have to tell you, this was by far one of the most enjoyable shoots I have ever been on. Putting on all the pinup costumes, having the hair and makeup done ...

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Maxx Burlesque

Pinup modeling and Burlesque of the 40's and 50's was a business fueled by a male market. Men bought the magazines and men paid to see the shows. Much as it is today. As tame as those magazines and shows seem today, it was very risqué and drew a much different customer than it does today....

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